Sunday, January 22, 2012

This is a first step for me, and a painful experience for all!!! Mwahahaha

Alright people of the blogosphere.  I haven't written a blog since 2008 and couldn't get in to my original blog because I can't figure out what the damn sign in information is.  So here is my stab at recreating my blog.  Please don't point out my ignorance, and most probable blunders...and occasional incidental insults.  I can't promise a blog that is grammatically correct, politically correct, or that it won't simply be wrong on multiple levels.  However, I will try and entertain at the very least.  You see I am working to become a published author.  Yes, I have chosen the path often traveled, yet rarely finished.  I see the dead bodies of my contemporaries and fellow hopefuls that simply didn't find the magic required to see their dreams achieved.  Let's all hope that I do not become one of the macabre many, pulling my graying hair out with each rejection letter and muttering to my imaginary friends about the institution and the man holding me back.

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