Monday, March 26, 2012

I won't lie to you or myself and say that I have been burning through stories and blazing a trail with my writing.  However, I have continued to write, and I am working on a variety of genres...sort of.  I don't really follow the check the box rule.  I write what comes to me and then try, sometimes in vain, to figure out what it is considered by the industry.  Does anyone else have problems determining what category their stories fall under?  My main problem with my novel isn't the genre, sci-fi/fantasy, it's whether it would be deemed YA or Adult.  I'm leaning toward adult since there is strong language and intense situations, but who knows now-a-days.  *shrugs*

Wish me luck on the final weeks of class for the spring semester!  I will try and check in and update more often, but I make no promises.  After all I run a zoo, and  rainbows don't shoot out my orifices at will when I get overcome.