Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hello my, those who made the mistake of stumbling within my interweb.  I have just finished my semester and find I still feel like there is work to be done.  You know that perpetual knot in your stomach when there are exams to be studied for and papers to be written?  Apparently it never received the memo that I have finished for the semester and that it can skedaddle until August.  Of course this is not in any way relevant to what I am doing...or is it?

I am planning on attending my first SCBWI meeting this Saturday in Richmond, and am very nervous.  The very talented illustrator of my picture books is finishing up some of the pages so I can take her work with me when I go.  I know the publishing world looks down on authors finding their own illustrators, but I know that my girl will be the best person for the job.  Besides, if I don't find a publisher or agent in a reasonable amount of time I can always go the self publishing route.  I already have massive ideas on what I want to do to make it an interactive story book.  I will not be divulging this to you all-unless you are an app wiz and can help design it for me.  My point is this.  I am painfully shy around new people and have a very bad habit of saying the absolutely worst thing, at the worst time, to the most important person...picture Bush massaging foreign dignitaries and you have an idea of how awkward I make everyone feel.  That is until they get to know me.  If people can get past that initial, painfully awkward, introduction they tend to like me. I swear!  Part of my problem is that while I know how to communicate and what to say my nerves and physical reactions overpower me and I can make things a mess.  I think it's prudent to point out that I am majoring in Professional Communications and when I am speaking on behalf of someone else I can hold my own.  However, if someone asks about me I may let slip a curse and start blushing profusely.  (That is really the better of the reactions I have).

So tell me what you do to give yourself a mental shake when you meat new/influential/important people?  What is the worst you have ever seen or done in one of these situations?

Wish me luck, and if I don't blog before I go I will be sure to post something when I get back!  Best wishes for success to everyone!

Monday, April 16, 2012

"If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." ~Toni Morrison

I have been using this as my mantra lately.  Unfortunately, my attention span is a-kin to that of a tsetse fly as of late.  I am an avid reader and average 3-5 books a week.  The VAST majority being paranormal romance.  Now, before you groan and move on to the next thread or blog; remember that no genre should be accepted or denied on the merits (or lack thereof) of a few.  There are a great many books, mostly romance, that I cannot push through.  I have forced myself to read some series-I'm not naming names-and had to put the books down halfway through.  If a story is crap and the plot is written around panting and heavy petting, you might as well turn on the Playboy channel or Skinamax.  However, and here's the stitch, there are so many that are wonderfully written.  Sherrilyn Kenyon is one of my absolute favorites.  It's not Sun Tzu, but it isn't supposed to be.  It's a fun romp through an imaginary world that takes you out of your life for a while and puts you in a world unlike anything you have ever known or imagined...AND that is the POINT!  Whether you read Janet Evanovich, George R.R. Martin, or Steven King the point of reading is escapism and what I like to call brain play.  

So to get back to my point...I think I had one...yeah, yeah I did.

I read all of these books because that is what I like to read, and eventually may write.  The book I have written is a sci-fi/fantasy which could be considered a young adult novel.  My issue is that I think a good book works you over completely-like an emotional tornado.  At the end you have laughed, cried, been supremely pissed at someone and maybe even fallen in love with a character.  I want to finish my book and have everyone that reads it feel this way about my characters, my book, and my characters.  In the end, I suppose, I want to write the book that everyone has been searching for...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

After finishing my final paper for my persuasion class I realized just how much I despise the PR world.  I mean, seriously, I haven't even graduated and am already dreading having to represent scumbags and cover up prostitute deaths...then again I don't plan on working in D.C. so I should have fewer spins like that, but you never know.  My always wise cousin reminded me that there are a plethora of non-profits that can utilize my skills and if push comes to shove that is the path I will most likely take.  However, the dream of me wanting to make a living as an author still peeks out at me and waves its eager little arms, charming me into thinking it could become a reality.  The hopeful giggles enticing me to follow down the well beaten path of those with the same dream.  This illusive dream beckons me and keeps me from looking at the rotting carcasses of the dreams that died along the path, those poor hopes dashed in their prime by realities' cruel sword.  Alas, I am a dreamer and still feel that I can do what others haven't been able to.  So off I go to continue editing and revising my WIP (Work In Progress for the layman).  Wish me luck and if you happen to be wandering the same path as I am, stop and wave or exchange words of encouragement and I will do the same!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The lovely, talented and always insightful Meredith Barnes posted this and I think it could be fun!

The Lucky 7 Game

A fun game for writers, published and non, from my friend Liz Norris, author ofUNRAVELING (out this month! Go preorder!). Here's the game:

1. Go to the seventh or seventy-seventh page of WIP.
2. Count down seven lines.
3. Copy the seven sentences that follow and post them on your blog.
4. Tag seven other authors (on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr--up to you!).


So here is mine and the tags I will, shamefully, have to struggle to figure out.

She quickly realized that the laptop wasn’t anywhere to be seen.  Deegan used it for other things, but he usually stuck it by the coffee maker. This appeared to have the last drippings from yesterday’s coffee scorched to the now cold bottom of the carafe.  Trinity decided she needed to get the work done and Deegan wouldn’t mind if she went into his house proper to retrieve the laptop.  As soon as she got close to the door she felt a stabbing pain in her right eye and sensation of hot and cold that was like being doused in a bucket of ice water followed by a warm up with a flame thrower.  The pain and sensations took her to the floor where she was able to just put her hands up to keep her face from dragging across the grimy carpet.
            She lay there for a minute to catch her breath and get her wits about her.