Tuesday, April 10, 2012

After finishing my final paper for my persuasion class I realized just how much I despise the PR world.  I mean, seriously, I haven't even graduated and am already dreading having to represent scumbags and cover up prostitute deaths...then again I don't plan on working in D.C. so I should have fewer spins like that, but you never know.  My always wise cousin reminded me that there are a plethora of non-profits that can utilize my skills and if push comes to shove that is the path I will most likely take.  However, the dream of me wanting to make a living as an author still peeks out at me and waves its eager little arms, charming me into thinking it could become a reality.  The hopeful giggles enticing me to follow down the well beaten path of those with the same dream.  This illusive dream beckons me and keeps me from looking at the rotting carcasses of the dreams that died along the path, those poor hopes dashed in their prime by realities' cruel sword.  Alas, I am a dreamer and still feel that I can do what others haven't been able to.  So off I go to continue editing and revising my WIP (Work In Progress for the layman).  Wish me luck and if you happen to be wandering the same path as I am, stop and wave or exchange words of encouragement and I will do the same!

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