Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hello my, those who made the mistake of stumbling within my interweb.  I have just finished my semester and find I still feel like there is work to be done.  You know that perpetual knot in your stomach when there are exams to be studied for and papers to be written?  Apparently it never received the memo that I have finished for the semester and that it can skedaddle until August.  Of course this is not in any way relevant to what I am doing...or is it?

I am planning on attending my first SCBWI meeting this Saturday in Richmond, and am very nervous.  The very talented illustrator of my picture books is finishing up some of the pages so I can take her work with me when I go.  I know the publishing world looks down on authors finding their own illustrators, but I know that my girl will be the best person for the job.  Besides, if I don't find a publisher or agent in a reasonable amount of time I can always go the self publishing route.  I already have massive ideas on what I want to do to make it an interactive story book.  I will not be divulging this to you all-unless you are an app wiz and can help design it for me.  My point is this.  I am painfully shy around new people and have a very bad habit of saying the absolutely worst thing, at the worst time, to the most important person...picture Bush massaging foreign dignitaries and you have an idea of how awkward I make everyone feel.  That is until they get to know me.  If people can get past that initial, painfully awkward, introduction they tend to like me. I swear!  Part of my problem is that while I know how to communicate and what to say my nerves and physical reactions overpower me and I can make things a mess.  I think it's prudent to point out that I am majoring in Professional Communications and when I am speaking on behalf of someone else I can hold my own.  However, if someone asks about me I may let slip a curse and start blushing profusely.  (That is really the better of the reactions I have).

So tell me what you do to give yourself a mental shake when you meat new/influential/important people?  What is the worst you have ever seen or done in one of these situations?

Wish me luck, and if I don't blog before I go I will be sure to post something when I get back!  Best wishes for success to everyone!

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  1. Two months since the last post? Come on now, Ms. Jess. It's time for some fresh words!

    Hook us up. Don't wait. Do it. Today. Please? ;)


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