Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The lovely, talented and always insightful Meredith Barnes posted this and I think it could be fun!

The Lucky 7 Game

A fun game for writers, published and non, from my friend Liz Norris, author ofUNRAVELING (out this month! Go preorder!). Here's the game:

1. Go to the seventh or seventy-seventh page of WIP.
2. Count down seven lines.
3. Copy the seven sentences that follow and post them on your blog.
4. Tag seven other authors (on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr--up to you!).


So here is mine and the tags I will, shamefully, have to struggle to figure out.

She quickly realized that the laptop wasn’t anywhere to be seen.  Deegan used it for other things, but he usually stuck it by the coffee maker. This appeared to have the last drippings from yesterday’s coffee scorched to the now cold bottom of the carafe.  Trinity decided she needed to get the work done and Deegan wouldn’t mind if she went into his house proper to retrieve the laptop.  As soon as she got close to the door she felt a stabbing pain in her right eye and sensation of hot and cold that was like being doused in a bucket of ice water followed by a warm up with a flame thrower.  The pain and sensations took her to the floor where she was able to just put her hands up to keep her face from dragging across the grimy carpet.
            She lay there for a minute to catch her breath and get her wits about her.  

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