Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, so my apologies to my two faithful followers;-)  I’ve been wrapped up in many exciting things and meeting many wonderful new people.  Another part of it is that there are so many topics that can and should be written about, I just haven’t been able to decide.
            I think the best way to start is to tell you I thought I knew a lot about the road to getting a lit agent and then to being published.  I never professed to know everything, but I had researched and thought I had a pretty good idea about what was required of me.  Let me tell you now, I didn’t know shit.  The best move I ever made was to start using Twitter to follow lit agents and publishers to learn what they were looking for.  Ginger Clark was the first agent I followed and is the one that inspired me to embrace my inner Twit.  She posted links and discussed various conventions and publishing info and through those links and her conversations with others in the literary world I discovered even more wonderful people.  They were happy to give advice to aspiring authors and it’s been a valuable source.  I made mistakes along the way, forgetting the core of my communications knowledge base.  I asked questions of some people that were misinterpreted and insulted them (Holy Mother of God, they were editors-EEP).  But you live and you learn, or in my case remember what I was taught.   Through my mistakes I actually found some very supportive, very successful writers (ahem-Jeffe Kennedy) who answered my panicked questions and gave me reassurances the world wasn’t going to end.  
            I began to build a network of authors, both published and unpublished, and started sharing tips and insights into what we were doing right and wrong.  Through this network an incredible group was formed and I was luckily asked to join and get in at the ground floor.  This group is called the TwitWits since we discovered each other through Twitter, and of course we’re witty as hell.  Amiright?  In a short amount of time I have been blessed with critique partners (CPs), beta-readers (the difference between the two is still up for discussion), and an awesome group of misfit toys, uh authors.   It’s hard enough out there trying to do it on your own, so I know what I have with this wonderful group off oddly beautiful people is something special.  I hope you all find your own special group of #TwitWits and in them the strength to keep pushing forward!  

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  1. Hey - I've asked my share of panicked questions in my day. I'm happy to help!


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