Monday, August 20, 2012

All right, people! I've been tagged by two standout writers that I am honored to have befriended.  They are doing that chain letter thing with a new twist.  If I don't pass this on to other bloggers I admire I will be smited...smote?..yeah, okay I will be smote with being the first person to have to battle herpes infested zombie lawn gnomes. I warn those that I tag to take this very seriously, especially if they live in Florida.  Okay I will post seven interesting things you may, or may not know about me and then the fabulous people I tag should do the same.  If you are upset for me tagging you in this, please send complaints to Kat and Summer, in the form of cookies and interpretive dance via your vlog.

1.  I went on a minimum of two mission trips every summer from the seventh grade until I graduated.  I actually considered becoming a missionary, but when I found out I had to have an actual useful skill-set I walked away to figure out what else was out there for a slightly odd girl with good intentions.

2.  I've been going to school for the better part of the past eight years, yet I won't actually graduate until next spring.  I should have a doctorate in SOMETHING by now, but they wouldn't agree to it since I couldn't figure out what the hell I wanted to do until last spring. Whatever.

3.  As sunshiny as I always try to be I actually suffer from depression, ADD (undiagnosed, but I know I ha-SQUIRREL), and...where was I?

4.  I am Death to all plants that can't survive in a hostile environment.  If you have a plant you want dead I'm your lady.  It makes me sad because my grandfather was a master gardener and grew the MOST amazing veggies every year and had a yard that looked like something out of Better Homes & Gardens.  Apparently that gene skipped me.  I foolishly still buy plants when I see them at the store.  Yesterday I bought a basil plant.  It was half dead by the time I got to checkout!

5.  I LOVED the Twilight series and you can tell everyone you know it's because of that series I got back in to reading. So there! :-P

6.  I a very mature...

7.  I try to be a good friend to people I care about, or those I think can't, or won't, stick up for themselves.  I failed someone a long time ago because I didn't see the pain they were in and it will haunt me till the day I die.  If I see abuse happening I turn into momma bear and chew off the offenders ass.  Eww.  That's some imagery, eh?

Bonus info: Oh yeah. I always wanted to be Catholic because I thought making the sign of the cross made you more powerful or something, and I love Canadians!!!

Okay!  On to those people that make me smile every day with their tweets, or their inspiring blogs and general powers of awesomeness!!

1.  Dee
2. Valerie
3.  L. L. McKinney
4.  Brenda