Monday, October 8, 2012

Another requirement of my Craft of Fiction class is that we blog. There are 3 different types of blogs which are due each week. One of them requires us to find Extracurricular Reading and post about it. Reading is fundamental people. It's necessary of you want to be a great author, or simply a decent human being. 

This week I chose to highlight my fangirl status for Miss Summer Heacock

If we’ve had the opportunity to talk I’ve most likely waxed poetically about Twitter. I was forced to create my account about four years ago for a communications class and then quickly abandoned it. Well color me surprised when earlier this year I decided my MS was ready to start querying (I was epically wrong on that, but I’ll save that for another time) and I saw that a great number of literary agents are on twitter. I pulled up my old account, cleaned off the cobwebs and started finding agents to follow. I started with one and now I’m following approximately 402 people. It’s a mix of literary agents, editors, publishers, writers, authors and every combination of the aforementioned combined. Through a series of very formal tweets I started getting the hang of it and getting followers too! Hot damn! When I discovered some fellow aspiring authors through a twitter pitch that I stumbled upon I couldn’t have been luckier if I had won the lottery. One writer in particular that I have since bonded with and promised to have her children or give a unicorn to is Summer Heacock, also known as @Fizzygrrl. Of course I lost my formality and some of my dignity somewhere along the way, but I have gained so much more because of it too. Summer is my main CP and without her and the other CPs I have found and hold close my MS would be a sad 1st draft mess. If you want a humorous, but honest view of what it’s like to be a writer it would behoove you to check out her website. I’m obviously a fangirl, but I think you all will be too. Good luck with your writing and just remember you aren’t alone in this roller coaster profession!


  1. YAY! So true. You're both awesome:)

  2. I was really reluctant to get on Twitter, but, like you, have loved it and found it so valuable as a writer getting her ms in shape to query (mine is a ways off, too). The best part about it is the fellow writers, the help they give each other, and the laughs. Summer definitely provides #ALLTHELAUGHS. She is worthy fan girl material. Of course, you're pretty funny, too. :)


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