Friday, March 8, 2013

Dealing with Reality

Hey, guys! It’s been a while since I last posted on here and unfortunately this time isn’t for sunshine and rainbows. Someone I regard very highly was trolled/verbally accosted on a blog post she made FOR US. I’m saddened and confused by this. You see, the VAST majority of the writing community is AMAZEBALLS. Seriously. You guys are incredibly supportive and I probably would have thrown myself off an anthill and twisted an ankle if I hadn’t been talked off the ledge by you guys. I’m sorry, there is a point to all this babbling.


The blog post was about contests and the fact that maybe you should rethink participating in them, at least rethink using the SAME work you’ve entered in 50 contests. And the truth of the matter is sometimes your work just isn’t what the agents or editors might have specified to the people running the contests. Plus this business is SO subjective. The people running these contests are reading over hundreds or even thousands of entries and if you don’t catch their eye then it’s nothing against you personally it just wasn’t right for that contest, okay?


Now the accusation that you have to be in-with-the-in-crowd to get in is freaking ASSINIGN. The truth of the matter is that if that were true I would have made it in to a shit-ton of these contest because I’m friends with a lot of the people that run them. However, I haven’t made it in to a damn one of them. This hurts. I totally understand having hurt-butt-syndrome from not making it in, but that doesn’t mean you can spout hateful vitriol all over someone because you didn’t make it in.


As I stated before, the writing community is made up of incredibly supportive people that want to see YOU succeed just as much as they want success for themselves. It’s such a rare thing to find and you need to take advantage of that camaraderie and get yourself a likeminded group of people that can support you in whatever ways you need. So dust off the ugly, write something new, and get it out there in any way you can! Someone’s going to love it if you put the effort in to it and STAY POSITIVE!


Peace, love, and hippie shit! Wheee!!! GO FORTH AND WRITE, MINIONS!!

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  1. I understand the mindset. When I was new to contests, I kept entering the same piece over and over again. I was kind of dense, more than a little caught up in the excitement, and didn't realize it's often the same generous group agents who enjoy participating in the other end of a lot of these contests. I'm sure they got sick of seeing me, just as much as I got sick of being turned down.

    I realized that, despite getting a little bit of love in a few contests, I rode that train to the end of the line. If I wanted to go for another ride, I'd need to write a new manuscript.

    Yes, I'm sad that I didn't get an agent offer from any of those contests, but I am a realistic human being who has a brain. I used my brain, got off my kiester, and I'm writing a SHINY NEW MANUSCRIPT. When it's done (and after extensive revision, editing, and CP love), it will be my ticket back to Contestville. Until then, I'll stand on platform and cheer on everyone else.


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