Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mina Vaughn's Title Change and Cover Reveal!!!!

Hello!! Long time no blog, eh? I had to come out of the shadows to bring y'all the awesomeness that is Mina Vaughn's HOW TO DISCIPLINE YOUR VAMPIRE!!! Holy cow, y'all. This stuff is hot.

**Warning: The above image is a replication of what could very well happen to your panties. You've been warned.

Mina is a self described pin-up princess and shoe whore. But I'd argue that she's SO MUCH MORE. I met Mina on le twitters (you can and should follow her too @MinaVaughn) and she's been so uber nice, so I couldn't be happier to participate in these shenanigans. So without further ado I present you the brand spanking *giggles* new cover and title!! 

And HERE is a little snippet from How to Discipline Your Vampire (preorder it for $1.99 NOW):

The Office Christmas Party Scene—How to Discipline Your Vampire Excerpt

Here’s a sexy little tidbit from How to Discipline Your Vampire.  William, Cerise’s submissive, is responsible for setting up elaborate role play scenes each day.  Today’s scene: an office Christmas party…and Cerise is the boss’s wife.

I heard the purr of her car pull into the driveway, and the soft jingle of keys as she put her purse down on the table. The bathroom door slammed, and I threw on some holiday tunes and a mistletoe tie while I waited.

“Have a holly jolly, Mrs. Norrel,” I said, handing her a cup of punch as she walked into the “office,” looking like sex on legs. I could barely keep my body from pouncing at her. Forget the blouse hugging her, it was sensuously embracing her. Cerise’s cleavage peeked out so amply, I wanted to accent it with some mistletoe, or stick a candy cane in it. I held back my desire as she took the punch wordlessly from my hands and sauntered over to the bar.

“Thanks, William,” she said, sipping casually. “Any plans for the holidays?” She leaned over, d├ęcolletage bouncing slightly. I licked my lips and found words. “Not really. My family’s heading to visit relatives in Pennsylvania, but I have too much work to catch up on. You?” I tried to break eye contact, not wanting “the boss” to walk in and catch me ogling his wife. I suppressed a smirk—I was getting immersed in my own fictional scene. She made a sour face with her full lips and groaned. “Ugh. Matthew’s taking me on some cruise. I hate cruises,” she said, raking her hand through her long, curled hair. “He always picks vacations where we’re forced to be together 24/7. I’d rather just travel and sightsee. I prefer being alone,” she purred, biting her lip slightly.

That sent me over the edge. I had to get things moving sooner, but without her noticing I was taking too much control. So, I flirted. “I wouldn’t want you to leave my side, either,” I mused. “Mr. Norrel is a smart man. A lucky man,” I said, my throat going dry. I wanted her so badly. She turned to refill her drink, and I caught a glimpse of her long, luscious legs through the slit of the skirt. I imagined taking the fabric on either side in my hands, and tearing it until it exposed whatever lingerie she was wearing beneath. I was hoping for some lacy boy shorts tonight. They were the perfect blend of a thong and bikini panties, and showed lots of cheek.

Now I was the one biting my lip. She noticed. “Well, if you were on the cruise with me, I don’t think I’d leave the cabin,” she whispered, leaning in conspiratorially. I feigned shock. She opened a candy cane and took a long lick.

“Mrs. Norrel,” I said softly, voice hushed and scandalized. “You shouldn’t talk like that.”

She grabbed me by my tie and pulled me close. I could smell her sweet scent, blended with the sharp mint of the candy on her breath. “The firm’s partners all went onto the balcony to chat about a case and smoke cigars,” Cerise said softly, and nuzzled my cheek with her nose. “Matthew couldn’t possibly hear me propositioning you right now, don’t worry.”

I pulled away, hesitantly. “I don’t deserve attention from someone like you, Mrs. Norrel,” I said, bashfully. “My job is my life. I’m usually buried in paperwork, I just don’t—”I stuttered.

She leaned against the bar, pulled me against her, and wrapped one long leg around my waist. She radiated heat, and her aroma made my head spin. “I want you buried in something else,” she said huskily, grinding against me, pressing her sharp heel into my back. I moaned, and grazed my thumb along her collarbone.

“I’ll do anything you want,” I panted, as she slid her tongue down my neck, fingers loosening my tie.

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